Conservation & Restoration

At Sycamore we specialise in the conservation, repair and restoration of books, maps, manuscripts and ledgers, including dry cleaning, treatment of mould, neutralisation and stabilisation of paper. All our paper repairs are by hand either in situ or after the removal of the original sewing and binding. Full repair of damaged paper and bindings is carried out using sympathetic methods with any necessary re-sewing completed by hand. All materials used are to archival quality and reversible where possible.

Bespoke & Limited Edition Bindings

We design and bind bespoke, limited edition books in a range of material - leather, vellum, cloth, buckram, paper - to meet our client’s specific requirements.

General & Speciality Binding

Sycamore offers a comprehensive range of traditional and modern binding styles suitable for libraries, archives and other large institutions specific to their needs, alongside Visitors, Condolence, Address, Family Histories and Presentation Books.

Boxes & Binders

A variety of storage solutions in which items can be housed can be made ranging from drop-back and phase boxes to slip cases, portfolios and post screw binders using a wide range of colours and materials.

Hand Tooling & Blocking

Books are lettered by hand in gold leaf using traditional and decorative tools or by using custom made blocks. A variety of coloured foils are available to enhance your book.

Sycamore Photo Albums

Present your own holiday, new baby, wedding, party, prom or birthday photographs in one of our handmade albums to make any occasion a lasting memory. Our albums are covered in either heritage buckram or goatskin leather with personalised lettering included.

Commercial photographers can take advantage of our “Studio Albums” similar to the above or as a bound book form album from stitched flat printed images – these albums can be tooled with studio name and logo.